How a Land Survey Can Protect Your Investment

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The benefits of a land survey plan are rarely discussed as often as they should be. While a survey plan is vital for anyone requiring a building permit, they aren’t technically required for those looking to buy or sell real estate. However, buyers especially should request a copy of the most recent land survey to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they’re paying for.

Since a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (a type of land survey) clearly outlines the boundaries of the land in question, it becomes much easier to see exactly how much land is being sold. You’ll also be able to clearly see any areas of the land that may seem to be a part of the land, but is owned by other parties. In some cases, public rights-of-way and provincial trails cut directly through a parcel of land which may prevent the land owners from developing the way they’d like.

Before making an offer on any property, be sure to check a copy of a land survey. It will help potential buyers identify and avoid problems that otherwise would have been missed. There are countless benefits of a land survey, but protecting a potential investment is certainly at the top of the list.
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The benefits of a land survey don’t start and stop with buying and selling real estate. They’re just as valuable to anyone looking to build or add to their home, erect a fence, or even those interested in resolving boundary disputes with neighbours.

Building Permits

In Ontario, demolishing, building, adding a deck or balcony, and just about any other home upgrade cannot be started until a building permit has been attained. One of the first documents required to acquire a building permit is a land survey report. In many cases, these can be downloaded from reputable firms online for a nominal fee.


Putting up a fence on your property seems straight forward enough, but dealing with neighbours can be tricky. To prevent possible disputes, it never hurts to be prepared with a property survey that clearly shows the boundaries of your land. The finest in the industry are able to provide a service that entails visibly marking the edge of a piece of land for the purpose of erecting a fence.

Boundary Disputes

People who own land develop an emotional attachment to it over time. With this in mind, it becomes easy to understand why some people may dispute ownership. Rather than having a situation escalate, it’s often easier to have a land survey conducted to resolve the problem.
Land is often the biggest investment individuals make in the course of their lives. Before building, adding fences, and to avoid often heated debates with neighbours, get a land survey. With hard proof of your boundaries, you’ll be better able to avoid potential problems. Keeping a land survey in your records also gives you a head start should you eventually choose to develop your land. 

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